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If you have been marketing online for any length of time then you certainly know how important website traffic is to your success.

Consider the following for a minute...

You can have the best product or service in the world but if nobody knows                 about it then what good is it?  your business is finished.

You can have the best sales copy on your site in the world but if nobody comes         to  see your offer then it's a waste of effort...your business is finished before it       got a chance.

You can have the best sales funnel in the world but if you don't have anybody           coming to your lead offer then that sales funnel is useless...your business is               finished.

I think you get the point here - suffice it to say this: (even though it's been said many times before) "Traffic Is The LifeBlood Of Your Business"

"Web Traffic Really Is The Life-Blood Of Any
Online Business, If You Don't Have Traffic...
Then You Simply Have No Business At All!"


Of course generating website traffic isn't terribly difficult most of the time. Just about anyone can throw up a few classified ads or safelist ads and get a bunch of untargeted traffic quickly enough.

The real problem for most is getting targeted traffic - people who will be interested in what you have to offer...and you need to get that targeted traffic at a price that leaves you with a respectable profit.

If you have ever tried paid advertising then you know that this is way more difficult than it appears on paper. Not saying it can't work, or doesn't work, but if it is your only strategy then...let's face it...you better have very deep pockets.

Of course the accepted 'holy grail' of true website traffic or blog traffic is the one and only: Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it has come to be known. That is... optimizing your site so that it shows up near the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN when relevant terms are searched for.

The problem here of course is that it can take a lot of time and effort to get to the top of the search engines - if it's possible at all given how most industries have become so competitive, however, do not fear...by implementing some simple SEO steps discussed, you can easily bring your website or blog right up to the first page of the search engines. These are the kind of results I achieve just by implementing a few easy SEO steps:

website traffic seo

Paid traffic like Pay Per Click and SEO are both staples of any good traffic-getting strategy but they are not even close to the only ones....

Imagine! 120 Powerful Website Traffic Strategies! Including Super Offline Techniques That Can Drive Insane Amounts Of Traffic To Your Business!

website traffic

Hello Internet Marketer,

My name is David O Connell and today I am very happy to share with you my website traffic generating hitlist. When I look around at many others online I see that the biggest reason people fail is not because of a poor quality offer, it is that they simply cannot predictably, reliably and continuously drive the traffic to their websites or their blogs.

As we have already discussed, without traffic, you have absolutely nothing.

So...I decided to put together a comprehensive guide containing everything I know about traffic generation.

Website Traffic Hitlist is totally unique in that it also contains many offline traffic generating strategies and many of those strategies (offline and online) that nobody else is even talking about!

You forgot one, Dave: 121.Outsource 1-120 j/k website traffic It's incredibly comprehensive. I've only looked at the first pdf and it's worth WAYYYYYYYY more than you're charging here. A+ on value. And best wishes for continued success

Eric A.F (BizBoost)
Inside Website Traffic Hitlist you will discover...
120+ unique ways to drive traffic to your websites (hint - one is SEO and one is       PPC - that leaves 118+ for you to figure out)!

Several offline tactics that drive traffic online to your websites (if you do these         correctly you should create an avalanche of traffic very quickly)!

Over 80 pages of hard-hitting, traffic-getting secrets that will provide you with         a complete and super plan of action!

And much more...let me tell you that many of these tactics are not being
    discussed anywhere else!

If you want to greatly increase traffic to your sites, articles and offers then Website Traffic Hitlist is absolutely the one and only thing that you will ever need to ensure your online success.

And it get's even better...

Website Traffic Hitlist Also Contains 3 Unique
Traffic Generating Plans To Virtually
Guarantee Your Success!

In order to increase the likely-hood that you will be able to start driving massive amounts of traffic quickly, Website Traffic Hitlist also comes with 3 Incredible Traffic Generating Plans
Here's How It Works:

After reading the 82 page Website Traffic Hitlist and you have recovered from the sheer magnitude of it website traffic You then move onto A Simple Plan to put some of what you've discovered into immediate action. Just follow this plan step by step. You should see a delightful high rise in your web traffic stats.

Next, you move onto your Advanced Plan This is where you step it up a level using more tactics, while at the same time continuing to use the tactics shown in your Simple Plan. At the end of this one you should notice a much greater rise in traffic to your target site.

Next comes your Master Plan This is where you get a bit adventurous implementing strategies that you may never have heard of or tried before, or you may never have considered. While still working with techniques from plans 1 and 2. When this is complete, you should start seeing incredible traffic spikes and a traffic accumulating effect from all 3 plans that does not stop as you continue to pull other methods from the Master Website Traffic Hitlist.
  1. A Simple Plan
    This plan gets you up and running quickly so you can start driving traffic now! without worrying about all of the gritty details. It allows you to immediately
    put into action some of the traffic tactics discovered in your
    Website Traffic Hitlist
    website traffic

  2. Advanced Plan

    These advanced strategies go deeper into the traffic generating tactics that
    will fuel your success even further! This is where you step it up a level using
    even more tactics from your Website Traffic Hitlist
    web site traffic hitlist

  3. Your Master Plan

    This is your ultimate super-advanced plan that will virtually guarantee you will be the new Traffic King in your niche! You'll be getting a bit more adventurous here by implementing new methods When this plan is complete you should notice a truly amazing traffic effect from all 3 plans that will continue to grow and grow as you use other methods from your Website Traffic Hitlist
    web traffic advanced

    This Is A Solid Traffic Collection That You
    Can Use To Quickly, Easily & Continuously
    Generate As Much Traffic
    To Your Sites,
    Blogs, Articles & Offers As You Like!
    I bought "Website Traffic Hitlist" as I am always looking for new ways to increase traffic to my sites and every month I invest money in resources that claim to provide you what you need to get incredible traffic, and many of them are short reports showing weird systems working only on specific niches or reworked stuff that has been seen many times in the past, or simply stuff that does not work at all.

    Well, about "Website Traffic Hitlist" I can only say that I am a satisfied customer, and that it fits in the category of resources that truely live up to the promises read on the sale page.

    "Website Traffic Hitlist" provides a big list of useful traffic strategies where you can pick the ones you feel can work better for your kind of web site, but I found much more interesting the 3 additional guides, the Simple Plan, the Advanced Plan and the Master Plan.

    In these 3 guides Dave drives you through all the steps you need to follow to implement some of the best strategies of the hitlist. IMO "Website Traffic Hitlist" is definitely worth the small investment.

    Gian Luigi Ruggeri

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You know that Website Traffic Hitlist contains 120 powerful traffic-getting methods, and you know that traffic is the life blood of your business then there must be only one thing stopping you from investing in it right now.

And that is: you are concerned about the cost. First - consider this. Consider the cost of not getting the traffic that you need. That will cost you your online business success (and quite possibly - your dreams of financial freedom!). Then consider the amount of time you spend online, wasted! because you are not getting the traffic that your business must have in order to be considered a successful business.

Hi Dave, New to internet marketing and aware of some techniques, your products have really opened my eyes. There are so many options and techniques that you have provided and I believe you share all of these for the same reason I decided to investigate this field, its huge.
I have looked at many other courses over the last number of months and none of them compare. The information you provide, the suggested free and useful tools, the plans which can easily be followed. I am delighted I purchased this product and I'm confident it will pay off

Thanks alot,
Website Traffic Hitlist is so incredibly affordable at only $12.95. For less than 13 bucks you can have a complete and powerful traffic generating manual with 3 plans of action that will continue to fuel your business for many years to come.

Plus, your small investment is fully guaranteed...

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You will not lose anything with Website Traffic Hitlist -- Think of it as a wise Investment -- it will make you money. It contains every method I know of how to generate consistent, targeted traffic to your websites, blogs, Articles and offers. To anywhere you wish to direct traffic!

Here's how confident I am:

Try Website Traffic Hitlist risk free for a full 60 days. Read it, follow the plans, and If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply let me know and I will initiate a refund that will give you your money back - with no questions asked. It's that easy...

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Website Traffic Hitlist is a digitally downloaded product - you can have access to it in less than 5 minutes even if it is the middle of the night. Full instructions are provided.

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To Your Traffic Generating Success
David O Connell

PS - There are a lot of things that you can let slide in your online business. You can get by with a poor offer. You can also get by with bad sales copy. You CAN NOT and WILL NOT get by without any traffic! Don't leave this crucial part of your business to chance...

PSS - Website Traffic Hitlist delivers 120 amazing traffic strategies and 3 super traffic generating guides designed to bring a continuous and never-ending flow of traffic to your websites, blogs and offers!

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